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There is nothing better than being outside on a nice summers day, relaxing in the garden, having friends round for a BBQ or having a swim, the only thing missing is music!

Having your music playing outside can extend your parties from inside to out, transform you outdoor gatherings, or help you unwind and relax.

We can supply and install many different types of outdoor speakers, including traditional looking speakers, small discreet speakers designed to hide in flower beds, speakers disguised as rocks and even speakers built into plant pots!

If you really want to add some power to your outdoor sound we can also install outdoor subwoofers to add extra bass.

outdoor speaker layout example compact.p


Speakers that look like speakers, and sound good! These speakers are normally available in the choice of white or black, and in some cases custom colours, and can be wall mounted to give great coverage of your outdoor areas.
They come in a range of sizes and qualities, with the smaller ones being great for bathrooms or wet rooms.

outdoor patio swimming pool speaker inst


These small speakers are designed to be placed around your garden or patio, normally in flower beds. Each speaker doesn't kick out a lot of sound so they are meant to be used in packs, with several dotted around to spread the sound around the area. If you are using them for anything other than background use then they should be partnered with an outdoor subwoofer to give a fuller sound, and most pre-configured packs come with a subwoofer included.

discreet garden speaker flowr bed instal


A great idea to help hide where the sound is coming from these speakers blend into the background very well in most set ups and sound great. We can supply rock styled outdoor speakers in various qualities and in a few different finishes; Niles offer their range coral, granite, sandstone and shale brown finishes. 

Out door rock speaker installation susse


Want the ultimate in hidden speaker? Then replace your plant pots and planters with these excellent speakers from speaker specialists Niles. These high grade speakers are available in terracotta or weathered concrete finishes and are actually designed to have plants and soil put in them, and in actual fact they sound better when full and weighted down.

planter plant pot speaker outdoor instal


Sound drops off a lot quicker outdoors than it does indoors where sound waves get reinforced when they bounce of off walls and ceilings. This means that you tend to need more speakers to cover the same sized areas, and if you want a full sound to get the party going ideally you are going to need a subwoofer.
Outdoor subwoofers are available in different shapes and sizes, including the popular 'underground' subs that have the bulk of the subwoofer buried under the flower bed with just a little bit showing above the ground

outdoor subwoofers niles sonance q acous


If you don't want a permanent speaker installation, or it is impossible to run cables to where they are needed, a portable system may be the answer. These can range from little portable speakers such at the Yamaha Relit Bluetooth speakers, or a Heos 1 speaker with the optional battery pack, to a Soundcast weatherproof portable speaker that kicks out a lot of sound.

soundcast portable battery weatherproof


Most home audio systems now offer some form of control over your WiFi, for example Sonos, MusicCast or Heos. 

The problem is that in most cases peoples WiFi struggles to cover their home, let alone their garden! We can help fix this by installing outside WiFi extenders to give you coverage outdoors, meaning you can sit in the garden reading e-mails, browsing the web and controlling your music.


Sound drops off a lot quicker outside than it does inside as there are no walls or ceiling to bounce off of. This means that if you are looking for a good quality, good spread of sound more tends to be better, with speakers placed around the locations where you want to listen.
We can help plan your systems, just get in touch.

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