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Building a new house or having a major renovation isn’t something you do every five minutes, so you want to make sure that everything is right, and that includes provisions for your audio visual systems, wired and wireless networking, security and control.

There are lots of companies that say ‘we can do that’, normally honestly trying to be helpful and are specialists in other areas, but only have a superficial understanding of the area we operate in and unfortunately end up installing an out of date system or the wrong kind of set up which either needs correcting at a high cost, or can't be put right at all.

Some of the worst jobs we come across are where the client starts by saying “I had my builder / electrician / plumber (it has happened!) put in the cables for the AV and network”.  We can help avoid these sort of nightmares by working alongside you, your builders, electricians and anyone else on site to plan, install and set up the right system for you that is right for a modern home. 

One of our favourite sayings is “The most expensive cable is the one you forgot to put in”. Which is so true. When you are building or renovating cable is relatively cheap, deciding six months down the line that you want a TV point in a room you haven’t got one is can be very difficult and expensive. We try to help you avoid these problems through our discussions and recommendations.

All of our designs are tailored to the client and their requirements, so you have a bespoke system that you have direct input in choosing.

Our aim is to provide the best possible level of advice and service to our clients;  if you are after a simple TV on a stand, a full home cinema installation, or a whole house music system we will treat you as an individual and work with you to deliver the results you are after. 

Sussex Home Cinema Room Installation Sta
Sussex Home Cinema Room Installation Sta
Sussex Home Cinema Room Installation Sta
Sussex Home Cinema Room Installation Sta


We undertake a lot of these sort of jobs, and over time have developed a process that we feel works and sets us apart from a lot of the local competition.

- Meeting

  • We will meet with you to discuss your requirements for your project, what you want the system to do and how you want it to work. We can meet with your designers, architects, builders and electricians to talk over the plans to work out what is possible and to integrate your system with the rest of the house.

- Design

  • We will put together a plan based upon our discussions and your requirements which is unique to you, this really is a bespoke custom installation. This is where you can see your system coming together

- Pre-wire

  • Whilst a lot of devices have a wireless option the best and most reliable way of connecting most devices is still wired, in fact the best way to get a good wireless system is to run extra cables to add 'jumping off points' for your WiFi network.
    Either we can supply and install the cables, or it often works better for us to supply the cables and a cable plan to your electricians to run. If your electricians are installing our cables we will of course be available for any questions they may have and for site visits if needed.

- Second Fix

  • -This is where we will start to terminate cables and install wall plates for our cables. This is normally where we start testing cables and connections to make sure they are doing what they should be, and it is normally about this time we will start cutting holes for in ceiling or in wall speakers

- Pre-installation set up and preparation

  • We undertake a lot of work away from the site to get ready for installation including such things as setting up and testing network equipment, programming remotes and running tests.

- Installation

  • Where the magic happens and you actually see what we have been discussing! Televisions go on walls, the rack gets filled and connected and speakers get set up.

- Programming

  • If you are having a control system of any sort, and we would always recommend that your do, we program and integrate it with the devices it can control. These can be audio visual, security and cctv, heating and more.
    Want to press one button and have your TV, surround sound and Blu-ray come on, window shades come down and lights dim? We can do that!

- Demonstration, Support and Tweaks

  • We will show you how it all works, and try to make it as simple as possible for you, but we understand that you have a million and one things going on after a new build or renovation so don't expect you to take it all in at once. We are happy to come back and run through the system again after you have been in a while, and this gives us a chance to do any tweaks to programming that are needed for things that may not be working quite how you want them to.

av plan 1 home cinema room sussex.png
New Build AV System Design And Installat

Architect, developer, electrician or builder working in Sussex, Surrey or Hampshire?

Working with you for your clients.

We can work with you, lending our expertise to deliver the best results for your customers on new builds and renovations; from planning the cables, through second fix, to installing and commisioning the completed system, as well as providing on going support.

Most people now demand and expect high definition pictures throughout their home, music systems they can stream to and control from a smart phone or tablet, a level of smart living which was unimaginable ten years ago and rock solid WiFi whether they are in the living room or the bathroom, and all ideally with no cables on show.


We can help you specify, pre-wire and install the right level of system for the project you have, from functional to luxurious. 

Please feel free to get in touch and we will happily set up a meeting to discuss what we can offer and see if we can help each others businesses.

Sussex Home Cinema Installation 1st Fix
Sussex Home Cinema Installation 1st Fix
Sussex Home Cinema Installation Rack ins
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