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Is there anything more annoying than having a coffee table full of remote controls, having to swap between them just to turn things on to watch a film?

Imagine being able to control all of your devices from one smart remote control or from your phone or tablet, being able to get everything up and running with just one button press.

We can simplify your set up, programming and supplying smart systems that will control your home cinema equipment, plus many other devices including:


  • Televisions

  • Projectors

  • Projector Screens

  • Blu-ray Players

  • Media Streamers

  • Soundbars

  • Surround Sound Amplifiers

  • Motorised Blinds

  • Audio Systems

  • Multi Room Distribution Systems

  • Lighting

  • CCTV

  • Access Control

  • Heating

  • Electric Fires

And not just in one room, but all over your house.



We recently had a client come to us that had a great system installed, but it was just too complicated to use, so the family weren't tending to use the system. 

If they were watching TV and decided they wanted to watch a film on their projector instead the needed to do the following:

  • Turn the TV off (TV remote)

  • Bring projector screen down (Screen remote)

  • Turn on projector (Projector remote)

  • Turn on surround sound amplifier (Amp remote)

  • Switch distribution system to blu-ray (Switch remote)

  • Turn on Blu-Ray (Blu-ray remote)

  • Turn projector to correct input (Projector remote)

  • Turn amplifier to correct input (Amplifier remote)

  • Set amplifier to right sound mode (Amplifier remote)

  • Turn down lights (App on phone)

  • Start watching film (Blu-ray remote)

That's 11 stages using 7 different control devices, and on top of that when watching a film if they wanted to change volume that was the amplifier remote control and if they wanted to pause the film that's the blu-ray remote.

We installed a smart control system and now in the same situation they have to:

  • Press 'main' button on remote (Smart controller)

  • Press 'Watch Movie' (Smart controller)

That's it! The remote handles the rest, and when you are watching a movie most of the buttons on the remote are set to control the blu-ray player (play, stop, pause etc), but the volume buttons control the amplifier. Now everyone in the house feels comfortable using it, and in fact someone who has never used the system before could pick up the remote and start using it in seconds.

The system we installed in this case cost about £1,000 and now lets the client and their family use and actually enjoy the thousands of pounds worth of equipment they had invested in. A control system is a vital part of a modern set up, and should be viewed as part of the overall system, and not as an add on or an after thought.

Systems start from around the £500 mark for a simple set up, ranging up to installations that control everything in the house with touch panels on the walls and app control.

We have a working system set up in our show room in Billingshurst, West Sussex, or we can show you the system working in one of our partners show rooms in Epsom, Surrey. Get in touch to book an appointment.

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