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How we listen to music has changed a lot over recent years, and one of the biggest changes has been the introduction of multi room audio systems. Once only for the ultra rich, the ability to play music all over your home and control it from a phone or tablet is available for the mainstream now, and it is hugely popular.

You can start with one room and expand over time to cover your whole property, including outside. You can now stream music directly from phones, tablets or computers, play thousands of internet radio stations or one of the fastest growing choices is to subscribe to a music streaming service such as Deezer, Spotify or Apple Music and have access to millions of songs at your finger tips.

There are many companies we supply and install that offer their version of the multi room audio idea, but the two most popular are Sonos and Yamaha MusicCast.


  • The company that ignited the multi room boom and still a market leader. The Sonos system broadly breaks down into two parts; their 'Play' range of standalone speakers and soundbar (the very popular Playbar), and their Connect and Connect:AMP, which allows you to connect Sonos into better amplifiers or directly into any speakers, such as in ceiling speakers. For more information on the Sonos range have a look at our dedicated page by clicking here.

 Yamaha MusicCast

  • Yamaha were one of the first companies to offer a multi room audio system with their original MusicCast set up back in 2001, which was well ahead of its time and stalled a bit because of challenges such as not many households having broadband back then! Fast forward to now and Yamaha have relaunched to MusicCast name on their new system.
    Unlike a lot of other products the Yamaha MusicCast range isn't a separate group of products in their line up, but a feature that Yamaha is installing within just about every type of product they make, including surround sound amplifiers, stereo amplifiers, micro systems, active speakers, soundbars, desktop audio and even pianos. With both bluetooth and WiFi options built in the Yamaha MusicCast system is just as happy as a one room system as it is as a multi room set up.

Multi room audio systems are also ideal for commercial use, allowing you to play one song in all areas, different songs in different areas, have some areas on with some off and have different volume levels. There are also options to control music choices and volume centrally or locally, and for pubs and function rooms the option to link in customers music devices. Get in touch to discuss our commercial options.

We have a retail store with demonstration facilities in Billingshurst, West Sussex where we can discuss and show several types of multi room solutions, and we carry out installations across Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Kent.


We can supply and install systems that will allow you to have set top boxes such as Sky, Blu-ray Players, Apple TV, Media Streamers and more stored in a central location and distributed to every TV in your home or business so everyone has access to everything, and all in high definition.

Nearly every television we come across now is at least capable of showing HD quality pictures, but you would be amazed how many of them are being fed by poor quality standard definition picture based on decades old technology.

With a HD Distribution system you can watch all of your HD devices on your HD televisions in HD all throughout your home.

The other advantage of this system is that all of your boxes are hidden away out of sight, normally just replaced by a tiny little receiver box, so it is a much neater solution.

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Whole House Multi Room Audio and Video S


One of the most popular aspects of multi room audio and video is that the source equipment can all be hidden away in a central location and distributed throughout your property.

This is an ideal way of getting all of your AV, television, networking out of rooms that are lived in and used and into a dedicated space out of the way.

This normally involves putting the equipment in a dedicated rack that is designed for the job that will keep the equipment neat, and allow you to sit down and watch your televisions without the sight of loads of extra boxes and cables.

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