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With more and more devices connecting to your network and the internet, it has never been more important to have robust, fast and reliable wired and wireless networks in place.

One of the big problems that we come across, in both domestic and commercial situations, is that the client it still using the free ‘super hub / router’ provided by their internet service provider, which is the same whether you have a one bedroom flat or a six bedroom house.

The truth is that these routers aren’t up to the job of dealing with multiple devices trying to use the network at the same time, and their WiFi performance tends to leave a lot to be desired as well.

To extend the WiFi you can get off the shelf plug in boosters and repeaters, but these also tend to be quite low quality and in a lot of cases introduce more problems than they solve.

The good news is that we can help by configuring and fitting commercial grade systems to give you a much better experience. This is one of our most popular services at the moment, and once we have done it for one client we are normally getting calls from their friends to do the same for them.

If you’d like to discuss improving your wired or WiFi network and you are in the Sussex, Surrey,

Hampshire or Kent areas just get in touch, we would love to hear from you.


  • Improve your WiFi coverage.

  • Unify your wireless networks, no more hot spots with different names to connect to.

  • Upgrade your hardware to better handle modern set ups.

  • Advice on new build and renovation wiring to deliver the best network for you.

  • Work with your builders and electricians to make sure you have the best structured cabling installed correctly.











If you are having a house built or renovated talk to us about putting in the right structured cabling to give you the best possible network. We get a lot of clients say to us that they will just do things wirelessly, but to add wireless access points ideally you need the cables in place to start with. The best way to get great wireless is to put in cables!


Many people get confused between the internet and their network. The internet is the speed coming into the house, and not something we can do a lot about. Your network is what all of your devices talk to which allows them to either talk to each other (for example sending music from your iPad to a Sonos speaker), or the internet.

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