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If you're thinking about having a home cinema, smart home, audio system or control system installed we will come to you to discuss it, talk through what you want it to be able to do and if the property is already constructed have a look around, and if it isn't we'll have a look at the plans.

We will then put together an outline of a system, or choices of systems, based on our understanding of your requirements, making any suggestions we think will work for you along with a guide price.

In a lot of cases people aren't too sure about what they want, what is available or even what is possible, that's one of the reasons they come to us! At this stage the conversation normally starts with the client giving us a rough outline of what they are looking for, asking us a few questions and us making suggestions. In a lot of cases what the client eventually decides to have installed can be quite different to what the initial enquiry was about!

We offer this service across all of West Sussex, and large parts of East Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and parts of Kent. Obviously some installations won't require a site visit ahead of time, this can normally be ascertained during initial discussions.


Once you have decided to go ahead with us we can start the process of your installation, providing plans and cable schedules if needed, starting system programming, ordering product and installing it all leading to the fun part, you sitting down and enjoying it!


If this is something you are thinking of doing, call us in as soon as you can. The earlier we can get involved the easier it is to put in the correct system for you. One of the worst things we hear is 'I've just decorated and now I want a home cinema installed'. It is much easier and cheaper to run and hide cables before the decorating is done!

Getting in early also allows us to work with your builders or electricians to plan cable runs, and helps spot any pitfalls or potential problems well in advance.

One of our favourite sayings is “The most expensive cable is the one you forgot to put in”. Which is so true. When you are building or renovating cable is relatively cheap, deciding six months down the line that you want a TV point in a room you haven’t got one can be very difficult and expensive. We try to help you avoid these problems through our discussions and recommendations.

All of our designs are tailored to the client and their requirements, so you have a bespoke system that you have direct input in choosing.

Our aim is to provide the best possible level of advice and service to our clients;  if you are after a simple TV on a stand, a full home cinema installation, or a whole house music system we will treat you as an individual and work with you to deliver the results you are after.

Sussex Home Cinema Room Installation Sta
Sussex Home Cinema Room Installation Sta
Sussex Home Cinema Room Installation Sta
av plan 1 home cinema room sussex.png

Architect, developer, electrician or builder working in Sussex, Surrey or Hampshire?

Working with you for your clients.

We can work with you, lending our expertise to deliver the best results for your customers on new builds and renovations; from planning the cables, through second fix, to installing and commisioning the completed system, as well as providing on going support.

Most people now demand and expect high definition pictures throughout their home, music systems they can stream to and control from a smart phone or tablet, a level of smart living which was unimaginable ten years ago and rock solid WiFi whether they are in the living room or the bathroom, and all ideally with no cables on show.


We can help you specify, pre-wire and install the right level of system for the project you have, from functional to luxurious. 

Please feel free to get in touch and we will happily set up a meeting to discuss what we can offer and see if we can help each others businesses.

Sussex Home Cinema Installation 1st Fix
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